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Texas Cowboy Barbeque in Costa Rica

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Texas Cowboy Barbeque in Costa Rica

   Food Experience   April 26, 2020  Comments Off on Texas Cowboy Barbeque in Costa Rica

We went to Hacienda Salitrillos with family and friends to have a one of a kind experience. They treated us all to a good old fashioned Texas Cowboy Barbeque in Costa Rica. They are masters at creating themes and then serving the food to match the theme perfectly.

Upon arrival we knew this would be a special night we would remember for a long time. The gate opened and we drove in to a private parking lot. Workers were there to help us park and show us where to go. We walked down this path toward the lights and music. The smell of barbeque was in the air. We were greeted and shown to our tables. The lighting, music, and decorations were top notch. The details of the decorating were just outstanding. They served lots of drink choices and then we ordered our food. I am born and raised in Texas and consider myself to be an expert on Texas Cowboy Barbeque. The barbeque chicken was wonderful. But the dish that stole the show was the beef ribs. They were cooked out in an open pit where we could watch and gather around the flames and mingle. Being a part of the experience was very memorable. Those ribs were incredible.

The night included music and dancing. All of us had such a wonderful experience at the Hacienda Salitrillos. It was about a 10 or 15 minute drive from the vacation rental that we were staying in. The vacation rental was amazing and was the perfect fit for my family and friends. It is called Pura Vida World and is located up in Tarbaca just south of Salitrillos. A huge thank you to Hacienda Salitrillos and Agustin Corrales for making our night with you so special.

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